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    Nyoro Construction Company Ltd is a well established construction firm with plenty of experience in building and civil engineering works.

    As contractors we are involved in and have successfully completed various projects for the Kenyan Government, Non Governmental Organisations, the National Housing Corporation, City and Municipal Councils, Kenya Airport Authority as well as private developers.

    All our projects exhibit superior attention to detail and exactitude in execution of works. We always mobilise and use the right types of equipment for the right job to attain the desired result. No project is too big or too small for us. We have done international airports and highways as well as small private car parks, driveways and petrol stations. We can be relied on for the best advice and the best point to point knowledge and application.

    Project Profile

    • Schools and Universities
      Of particular importance in academies is the aspect of safety and ergonomics. Children are naturally playful. It is therefore imperative that proper attention is paid to levels, barricades and surface finishes in order to prevent injuries. These photographs are a few examples of child schools and kindergartens that we have undertaken.
    •  Highways and MotorWays
      Processional road is undoubtedly one of the best made roads in Nairobi. It was a civil engineering feat because of a natural occurring underground spring which was effectively channelized using environmental friendly geo fabric material. The road was officially opened on 22nd of December, 2007 by His Excellency the President Mwai Kibaki.
    • Sewage Plants
      Sewerage treatment is the sanitary equivalent of clean drinking water. Waste disposal is an important environmental function and has to be done in a safe and sustainable manner. Concurrent with the construction of the Solai Menengai Water and Sewerage treatment facility at Kabarak University, we laid 8000M of pipe work to connect the whole complex consisting of primary school, secondary school, restaurant and outbuildings, university and staff houses.
    • Communication Infrastructure
      Trenching and laying the fibre optic backbone cable along the Mombasa- Nairobi Road was a major challenge considering that it was the first time that an underground communication cable was being placed for such long distances in Kenya.
    • Kenya Airports Authority Kisumu Airport Runway and Apron Improvements

    Construction Experience

    PeriodSpecificationContract Amount
    2008 - 2011 Mihuti - Kayu - Wanjerere - Rwathia (E543) & Githiga - Kibutha - Kanyenyaini (E523) Roads 3,451,155,000
    2001 2002
    Repair and rehabilitation of Nakuru town roads 1,342,556,152
    1999 2002 Repair and recarpeting of Nakuru Njoro Mau- Summit Roads 1,217,065,526
    2007 2009 Construction of Likoni Road Missing Link and Bridge 839,000,000

    Current Projects

    Physical Completion Contract Contract Amount

    Rehabilitation of Mumbuni – Kathiani Roads (E484) Project

    70% Rehabilitation of Selected Roads in Gikomba 570,910,205.80
    20% Construction of Murang’a-Gitugi (D427) and Njumbi-Mioro Road (E456)- Contract No. RWC 045 2,170,343,325.00
    10% Perioduc Maintenance of Junction A104 Nakuru-Nyahuru (B5) ROAD 576,328,000